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02/03/2012 / Gary B

Simplicity Rules

It’s three months too early to go to the wetlands in northwest Ohio, but really, did you see the weather we had today?

We live on one of the seven major migration routes but the birds only do the migration thing in May and September. Meanwhile, most (but not all) of the moving subjects to practice shooting on are just sea gulls.

Gulls leaving dock at Metzger's Marsh

After 473 assorted pictures today, I knew even before becoming lost and eventually getting home I got mostly nothing. Sure, I got leftover ice formations, eagles behind great masses of branches, waterfront seascapes with no subject at all…totally normal stuff on an outing in February… but all along the afternoon there were the gulls.

Hundreds of Gulls

Gulls were at Maumee Bay, Ottawa, Crane Creek and Metzger’s Marsh as well. Most of them were obscured by their own masses, great distances, or distracting man-made constructions.

Even so, I got one. I’m looking for simplicity. No clutter, no jumble, no distractions. I look for the simple images outside just as you might while outside or in your own studio, but it’s trickier outside.

Simplicity rules, and almost always makes for the best photo. I say watch for the simple.

Gull Wings

Your pictures with the least material may well be some of your best.

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  1. Bruce McLaughlin / Feb 7 2012 3:34 pm

    All of the places you mentioned are good to find seagulls, or are they really lakegulls? However, I find I don’t have to really travel that far. There are plenty of them in the parking lots of nearby fast food restaurants. They’re looking for scraps that some people may throw from their cars. The other day I was surrounded by them at a fast food restaurant in Perrysburg. If I had my camera I could have gotten a lot of shots, although the backgrounds were not very inspiring. In some respects their behavior reminds me of pigeons except they have webbed feet. As usual you have some very pretty pictures.

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