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03/22/2012 / Gary B

Departing From Classics II

I feel I’ve mentioned this before but it definitely bears repeating.

When you head out into the nicer weather to photograph your favorite subjects, remember that it’s “okay” to depart from the classics.

The classics are the pictures you’ve taken before and have seen thousands of times and you know the ones I mean:

They’re the high school senior smiling at the camera lens, the deer standing there and looking at the camera, the bird perched on a branch with sparkle in an eye. Yeah Yeah! Sure! Shoot those! We all do it because they’re necessary.

But while you’re at it (or more importantly, once you get home and make your choices), please allow that the odd pictures just might be the most interesting ones to you and your audience, so don’t dismiss them without discretion just because they’re unusual.

Some people think that unusual things are good things. The “odd duck” picture just might capture the essence of your subject in a most important way.

Odd Duck - an environmental portrait of a duck

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  1. mobius faith / Mar 22 2012 8:35 pm

    Too funny great timing. Makes the duck look like some evolutionary freak. Of course the duck is probably thinking, “I can’t believe you did that..” Good thing he didn’t chase after you. Great photo. Put a smile on my face today. :-)

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